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Steel radiator selection skills and methods

2023-08-09 16:59:15 阅读:276

The radiator is often used for heating in winter. There are many kinds of radiators, generally according to the different materials can be roughly divided into steel radiators, copper-aluminum composite radiators, steel-aluminum composite radiators, etc., various materials of the radiator its performance characteristics and the range of use is different, customers can choose their own radiator according to their actual situation. So, when choosing a radiator, what are the skills and practical methods? Here is a brief introduction.

First, choose the right radiator brand

Choose a radiator first to choose a radiator produced by a regular manufacturer, choose a well-known brand of radiator, because only the quality of the radiator produced by a regular manufacturer can be guaranteed, and the service can be assured, such as Zhisheng is such a high-quality supplier, you can choose to use its products with confidence.

Second, choose a location

In the specific purchase of radiators, the place to buy is in a reputable mall, outlet stores, do not go to a small stall to buy, because this can ensure the quality of the product and service, especially good stores can provide professional installation and after-sales service.

Third, choose the right material radiator

The thermal conductivity of various materials of the radiator is different, from the point of view of thermal efficiency, copper is the best, followed by aluminum, steel, and the worst is plastic. Of course, the material is different, the price of the radiator is also different, so we should choose different materials of the radiator according to their actual situation.

Four, the use of thermostatic control valve

The role of the thermostatic control valve is to regulate room temperature and save energy, but to install the thermostatic control valve, it is necessary to choose a radiator with good heat dissipation and high thermal efficiency, so as to give full play to its role, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the effect of temperature control.

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