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This year's first China-Europe freight train Kuitun aluminum products train st

2023-05-27 09:15:00 阅读:258

At 15:12 on May 26, accompanied by a crisp whistle. A train consisting of 50 40-foot standard containers loaded with 1,300 tons of aluminum heat sinks pulls out of Kuitun Station. The destination is Almaty, Kazakhstan. This year's first China-Europe railway "Kuytun" aluminum products special train started, which kicked off the accelerated development of China-Europe railway "Kuytun".


As the northern node of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, Kuitun City is located on the "golden channel" of China's commercial and trade logistics to Central Asia, South Asia, West Asia and Europe, with unique geographical advantages. With the construction of the Eurasian Land Bridge, Kuitun's trade circulation is increasingly active, its economic cooperation with domestic and foreign countries is more in-depth, and the pace of actively integrating into and serving the new development pattern of the "Belt and Road" continues to accelerate. Since the start of this year, Kuitun City has given full play to its geographical advantages and the role of the national Kuitun-Dushanzi Economic and Technological Development Zone and the platform of Kuitun Bonded Logistics Center, and actively promoted the regular issuance of "Kuitun" China-Europe train (Kuitun-Almaty).

"This train is Xinjiang Zhisheng Da Aluminum Co., Ltd. production of aluminum heating fins, a total of 1300 tons, the value of 22.5 million yuan. Zhisheng Aluminum is a model of processing and trading enterprises in Kuitun City, and occupies a certain proportion of the market share of the heating radiator market in Almaty. They used to be carried by the way of consolidation, this is the first time to use the form of special train transport. In the future, our bonded center will adopt the form of consolidation and transportation, and at least one train of 'Kuitun' will be launched every month to help Xinjiang local products go out." Kuitun bonded logistics Center Party working committee member, deputy director of the management committee Liu Wenjun introduced.

Since the opening of the first international freight train from Kuitun in January 2015, it has developed from 3 trains in the initial year to more than 40 trains in the current year. China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., LTD. Kuitun Freight center actively help enterprises to do a good job in the train operation. Accurately grasp the transportation plan and transportation direction, real-time understanding of customer cargo inventory, assembly situation, strengthen loading and unloading machinery, manpower investment, reasonable streamlining of transportation links, improve the service chain, and help the Central Europe train "Kuitun" for the "Xinjiang made" in northern Xinjiang to go abroad, into the international and domestic double cycle of the new development pattern injected new impetus.

"We will further optimize the organization of China-Europe and Central Asia freight trains, reduce the comprehensive logistics cost of enterprises, improve the transportation efficiency, and fully serve the high-quality economic development of the Northern Slope of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, and promote the steady and long-term development of the Belt and Road cooperation." China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., LTD. Kuitun freight center deputy general manager Han Jiming introduced.

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