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[Take the first step to see the new weather] Kuitun import and export trade ushe

2023-03-17 10:50:00 阅读:233

On March 16, the first batch of aluminum alloy ingots imported from Kyrgyzstan entered the bonded logistics center of Kuitun.

The batch of imported aluminum alloy ingot a total of 25 tons, the value of $37,000. The person in charge of Xinjiang Zhisheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. said that the company imported aluminum alloy ingots from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, processed into aluminum alloy products in Kuitun, and re-exported to five countries in Central Asia for sale. In the near future, there will be seven cartons of aluminum ingots worth $260,000. The company expects to import 80 cases this year, totaling 20,000 tons, with a value of nearly $3 million.

It is understood that the management committee of Kuitun Bonded Logistics Center will continue to increase investment and attract investment, actively serve the enterprise, solve the practical difficulties of the enterprise, promote the sustainable development of the export-oriented economy in the region, achieve a good start and a red month, and present a gift for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party with excellent results.

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