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[Foreign trade export] Xinjiang Zhisheng Da Aluminum accelerated production to h

2023-08-28 10:43:00 阅读:282

On August 28, in the production workshop of Xinjiang Zhisheng Aluminum Co., LTD., employees were methodically producing and processing aluminum alloy radiators.


Xinjiang Zhisheng Aluminum Co., LTD., officially put into operation in May this year, is an aluminum alloy radiator production and processing enterprises, with an annual output of 3 million aluminum alloy radiator. The products are exported by rail to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other Central Asian countries. The aluminum alloy radiator they produce has high thermal conductivity and good heat dissipation, and is praised by users.


At present, the 300,000 aluminum alloy radiators produced by Xinjiang Zhisheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. have all been exported to Central Asian countries, and the output value has reached nearly 10 million yuan since the trial production.

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